And on to the next concert…

The annual Conway Hall performance and party is done – thanks for coming if you were there, and sorry if you missed it! Paul played a huge number of notes (all the right ones, and all in the right order) in Louise Farrenc’s entertaining sextet for piano and wind; it was great to revisit Norman Hallam’s foot-tapping Dance Suite – if you missed the concert, you can always listen to it on one of our CDs; Mark was supreme in Schumann; the audience fell for the extraordinary charms of C.P.E. Bach, and nobody got lost in Stephen Frost’s rather haunting sextet.

The audience seemed more than happy (and not just with the amazing selection of Belgian beers provided by Alec afterwards): “Concert was excellent, really enjoyed it, many thanks for such wonderful playing”, said one correspondent through this website, and the unusual and varied programme seemed to be enjoyed by all.

The group is busy planning for the Classic Cornwall concerts in August – programmes announced soon, and the next date in the Harmoniemusik diary is Sunday June 17th, in St Anne’s Church, Kew. Hope you can join us then.

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